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Stitched layers for fast cutting and scratch removal.

Sisal mops are fast cutting mops commonly used on harder metals such as stainless steel, steel, iron, hard brass and titanium. Sometimes on Aluminum, this is less common though as sisals can be too aggressive on softer materials.

Stitched layers for fast, effective cutting and to remove scratches. Suggested for use with grey compound.

Diameter- 8"/200mm, Width- 50mm, Number of mop sections- 4, Distance between each stitch- 1/4" (5mm).

If the mop becomes clogged or dirty after use, has been left on shelf for a long time for example, then use a mop dresser or wheel rake to bring new life into the mop. Never wash mops in water. It is adviseable to use one compound per mop. For example, if you are using a sisal mop with grey compound try not to change to another compound. It is possible to change compound but make sure the old compound has been removed. Tools like mop dressers and wheel rakes are ideal for this.

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